Maximum productivity

Cloud applications

The platform allows to access Preconcerto from any device linked to Internet, be it a PC, Mac, iPad or Smartphone, from any browser, either Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Camino, …

User-oriented Platform

The way to access information is like any other web application, so you do not need a user manual or training to take full advantage of this predictive platform. The basic concepts about managing this tool are explained in several short videos showing how to access the application and get all the information.

Herramientas de análisis gráfico
Preconcerto has powerful graphical analysis tools


Preconcerto actively helps to improve the productivity of predictive programs. The fact that all technicians involved in the predictive plan have fast access to the information on the assets status facilitates the use of this information for maintenance scheduling based on the assets state. It is a great incentive plant maintenance management can view predictive diagnostics and assets state.

Many predictive plans failure lies in what happens after the diagnosis of monitored assets. Information on these diagnoses are not accessible in a fast and convenient way by maintenance managers and as a result, this valuable information is not used to lengthen or shorten the maintenance intervals established by maintenance schedules.

Preconcerto is accessible form any device linked to Internet, there is no limitation on access from a single location, as with most computer applications.

Exploiting recorded historical data is performed using powerful analysis tools to generate comparative data for areas that allow benchmarking to identify black spots.

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