Functionality adapted to the maintenance manager

Preconcerto feeds itself from on information generated by the machinery analyst from other more specific analysis tools of other predictive techniques. Since the point of contact between Preconcerto and any other technique is the analyst, there is no incompatibility between Preconcerto and any predictive tool from any technology or manufacturer. 

Preconcerto encompasses all predictive techniques applied on plant assets. The main techniques applied to predictive monitoring and diagnosis of productive assets are:

  • Vibration analysis for rotating machinery.
  • Thermographic inspections, monitoring and diagnostics for electrical switchboards, substations, machinery, …
  • Analysis of lubricating oil, coolants and hydraulic rotary machinery, alternative, transformers and hydraulic circuits.
  • Ultrasonic inspections for monitoring and diagnosis of steam traps, electrical equipment, bearings, …
  • Electrical parameters for monitoring and diagnosis of electric machines.
  • Visual and endoscopic inspections for all types of assets.
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement, for monitoring the thickness of tanks and pipes.
  • Other types of inspections.


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