Benefits offered by Preconcerto


  • High value-added services from the best predictive analysts.
  • Direct access to the asset health matrix and to the information generated by predictive techniques, in an easy and structured way.
  • Instant diagnoses publishing when they are elaborated. Information can be viewed by the user from the moment the supervisor validates the report. This fact allows diagnostics to be immediately available to take immediate action.

  • Bidirectional communication, the maintenance coordinator receives reports from the analysts, but also he can add comments in the diagnoses file. This enables teamwork among plant coordinators and analysts.
  • Having the information in database mode, allows archiving, later retrieval and analysis of these data to obtain more information from benchmarking or statistical analysis.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Access from any location linked to Internet.
  • No need to purchase software licenses, application servers and no maintenance costs. The user pays only for the reports generated by Preditec/IRM.
  • More analyst productivity with tools to reduce downtime when the reports are written.
  • Independent of the techniques and technologies applied.
  • The classification of diagnoses in database mode serves analysts and users to generate a powerful knowledge database for troubleshooting from historical cases.
  • Diagnoses made and supervised by certified expert analysts.
  • Applicable to any plant o industrial installation.

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