What is Preconcerto?


Preditec/IRM has created the cloud platform that revolutionizes plant assets state management.

Preconcerto is a high value-added service offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) for managing PdM information generated by predictive techniques and helps to implement predictive maintenance strategy faster and more efficient. Essentially Preconcerto converts existing data in different formats and from multiple technologies into valuable information for the maintenance scheduler

Preconcerto in four steps

Preconcerto converts data into information, reducing management costs and improving return on investment, all without high investments in costly hardware or software.

Platform design, including the latest ‘cloud computing’ technology guarantees platform evolution and facilitates integration with other information systems.

Its function is twofold:it is a tool to improve the analyst reporting productivity and moreover it is an information platform for plant maintenance managers.


  • Plant assets condition/li>
  • Predictive inspection routes control
  • Diagnosis failure detected cases, until repaired
  • Completed repair works verification
  • Evaluation of improvement on process or machine design

Inmediate information access

  • Diagnostic reports of those assets with failures detected
  • Instant general condition assets reports after predictive inspection routes


  • User comments on diagnostic files to help the analyst to get more accurate diagnoses

Information analysis

  • Historical analysis of the different failure modes of the assets
  • Study of electric motors efficiency
  • Machinery performance supervision, by analyzing type and rate of failures
  • Comparison of different lubricants efficiency

Predictive strategy implementation

  • Service implementation and operation in record time
  • Improved base line generation in comissioning activities and start-up
  • Modification of preventive maintenance plans can only be achieved with quality information that creates the confidence
    to make decisions about lengthen or shorten the time allowed by the Preventive Plan

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