What Preconcerto does?

How to work with Preconcerto?

Preconcerto manages the information generated by analysts and helps predictive coordinators and maintenance programmers to implement PdM or CBM strategy.
To apply predictive maintenance strategy, monitoring and diagnostic reports are generated from inspection route data. These inspection routes can be performed by plant personnel, by a local subcontractor or by Preditec/IRM technicians. Inspection techniques are vibration measurements, thermography, ultrasound, oil analysis, electric motors parameters, visual inspections … The flexibility of this tool allows PdM implementation from continuous monitoring systems such as System1 (Bently Nevada), Vibrometer, PROGNOST,… already installed in industrial plants. From this information, Preditec/IRM analysts write assets diagnostic sheets where they have detected signs of some kind of failure. Automatically, the user can view the equipment status report and schedule repair works when they are required.

Teamwork: improved collaboration

If you already have the technology for measuring vibration or other predictive techniques, you could get a better use of the information generated from your existing predictive tools. Access to information by all engineers involved in the scheduling process, improves communication between the team and therefore the results. Both the successes, as mistakes are well documented for later use when similar cases of equipment failure come out.

Applicable to any maintenance program

Preconcerto is not only applicable to industrial maintenance, but also for any facility or fleet of vehicles or vessels. Preconcerto is recommended for any maintenance program based on assets condition.


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