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The application of predictive maintenance strategy provides tremendous savings to companies that have successfully managed to implement condition based maintenance on all assets where possible. The postponement of scheduled maintenance when it is not strictly necessary, not only avoids unnecessary costs to repair equipment that are in perfect condition, but also avoids damage during maintenance […]

What Preconcerto does?

How to work with Preconcerto? Preconcerto manages the information generated by analysts and helps predictive coordinators and maintenance programmers to implement PdM or CBM strategy. To apply predictive maintenance strategy, monitoring and diagnostic reports are generated from inspection route data. These inspection routes can be performed by plant personnel, by a local subcontractor or by […]

Achieve success with Preconcerto

Preconcerto is a guarantee of success in PdM strategy implementation because: – diagnostics are performed by specialized analysts and hence the hit ratio is higher,   – collaboration of plant technicians helping with their comments in the diagnostic records provides essential information for more accurate diagnoses,   – programming of data collection is managed in […]

Maximum productivity

Cloud applications The platform allows to access Preconcerto from any device linked to Internet, be it a PC, Mac, iPad or Smartphone, from any browser, either Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Camino, … User-oriented Platform The way to access information is like any other web application, so you do not need a user […]